How we work

Studio Jan des Bouvrie is a design studio, showroom and creative lab in one.

Here ideas come to life.

The sigar box has become well known as the start of every design that Jan des Bouvrie has made. And the classic drawing board as a step afterwards with hand-drawn designs. Because the basis of each design must be made as quickly as possible.

Our experienced team of interior architects, product designers and stylists, led by Jan & Monique des Bouvrie, work daily on a number of projects.

Our strength is creating an environment specified to your personal needs and wishes. Always focussed on your own, unique identity. This can be your home, your office, your shop, your restaurant of any other place that you feel the need to (re)invent.

During this process we will work closely with you but we also strive to take all the work of your hands. So apart from the designing , we can supervise the whole process from start to finish.
We will take your wishes with you in terms of preference, regulations and / or permits.

After this proces our designers finalize the designs on the computer with programs Arkey, Autocad and Vectorworks.

Our services are:

• hand-drawn floorplans
• renderings
• lighting plans
• colour- & material advice • (re)styling

If you’re curious, please feel free to drop by our studio for a hot cup of coffee with one of our interior designers.