He mapped out an unmistakable path to modern living, both in The Netherlands and abroad. Des Bouvrie left his mark on the Dutch interior design and paved the way onto the world stage for Dutch designers.

The heart of all of his work is based on symmetry and his wish to reduce things to the simplest form: “Never forget the essential”.

He is an award winning product designer,  interior architect and modern art collector all rolled into one.

Almost 3 decades ago he bought  the monumental “Het Arsenaal”, a centuries old ruin (1688) just outside Amsterdam and together with his wife Monique transformed this into one of the largest and most influential interior design studios & concept stores that we know.

Jan & Monique, two extremes: his pure, symmetrical lines together with her eclectic colourful world. They find each other in their boundless creativity & their passion for the trade. Their interior and architectural projects across the globe all feature this unique Des Bouvrie signature.